Spread your poison slowly on the ground

Thin lines which can be snorted

Your perjury has a soft sound

With all these certificates you’ve gathered

Give a broken hymn to this deadbeat town

Silver lights for sewer minds

And for fewer eyes

You’re like an ugly hand of time

Spread your disease and call others cancer

Hold no cards close, all you have are freelancers

Working under 16th-century laws like minions

These are not your flaws, these are clear deceptions

They are too carefree to care about time

These aren’t flaw, these are answers

Question what is left in the sea

Spread your poison in thin lines

I need to keep them in my veins

Spread your debilitating disease like a swine

While they get squashed under these murky fines

Jail cell




And everything they’ll never want to want

But will die without


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