Uri Aftermath

This is a personal post. What I see happening around is personal to me, it is the way I was influenced by my parents, and by the people who have always surrounded me. This piece will serve as a humble request to the people who are eventually demeaning, not only themselves, but also our nation, if we look at it with a broader lens.

The operation that the Indian Army carried out on 29 September 2016 was a response to the increase in the terror activities carried out by the terror camps operating from across the border, it was not a publicity stunt where a celebrity goes and sweeps the streets of Mumbai. Now, I for one, believe that these strikes did take place, and I trust the people of the nation when they say that they do too. It was an attack, not only to give a response to the terror state, it was also an act which showed that our nation is capable, and willing, to take the appropriate steps to combat the ever-rising threat that every country of the world faces today, terrorism.

A group of people, just like you and me, went across the border in PoK during the wee hours of the night, while we were busy getting our “beauty sleep”, or talking to our partners and telling them how they mean the world to us. Get this, they went ahead and did something which emits grandeur and is not just specific to them, it is something that affects us and our environment as well, unlike the majority of us – including our dear politicians. They performed one of the most important strategic responses our country, or any country for that matter, has ever performed. And what do we end up doing? Belittle everything. How? By involving our own twisted, petty, and if I’m honest, repulsive politics.

A quick Geography lesson is required here, India, as a nation, shares its borders with two prominent nations which have and always will pose as a threat to us, China and of course, Pakistan. These two nations are and will always be our greatest enemies, no matter how much economics is involved, or how much diplomacy is involved in the relationship, China and Pakistan will always be the countries with which we have had wars with. We do not need another enemy arising its head from inside the borders that our forces are protecting. We should realise that the men defending our nation from these countries are just like you or me, some were 16-17 when they started jumping in the fields of the NDA, some were in their early twenties when they were posted at remote places, away from everything they had ever known. They were posted at places where the temperature sinks as low as our politicians have in this instance. Yet, we have the audacity to question them by bringing our politics in it.

Sanjay Nirupam, a senior leader of the INC, so blatantly said that he thinks that the strikes were fake. Right, I believe that everybody is entitled to their opinions in a Democracy, I strongly believe and propagate this. But, where in Earth is it acceptable to be so swayed by your political theories that you forget about the soul that exists in the people who went across the border and carried out the strike? Where is the humanity in spitting on the young men who have lost their lives because they believed in our country. To Mr. Nirupam and his likes, I believe that you don’t have anybody in your family or anybody you know, serving in the Defence forces. If you had, you wouldn’t have this horrendous thought in your pea-sized brain. The argument is not only limited to humanity, the more valid response is that we do not need to give proof to these low lifes because it will expose our strategies, which are of national interest. Not once, have I questioned these attacks, not one time has anybody I know questioned the attacks. When I came to know that the strikes had taken place, I was so ecstatic that I couldn’t sleep for 2 nights. All those times when I carried our National Flag on my sleeve finally paid off, finally we came together as a country and applauded the act of great courage and valour that our forces demonstrated. We were together as a nation, above the petty politics, above being on the left or the right, above being affiliated to the BJP or to the INC, above tapping the vote-banks. 

When something is this publicised, it is bound to have some political shade thrown on it, but what is surprising here is that these hoodlums who call themselves one of us, representing us in an international arena, are so caught up in the webs that they have woven that they think about playing the political gamble first and foremost. They don’t care about the nation anymore, they don’t care about being right or wrong, they just know how to cater to controversy. This is what our politics has resorted to.The triviality is astonishing and horrifying, senior leaders talking like small children who think that they’ve lost their pencil. 

On Twitter the other day, I had a word with a man, he was a supporter of the INC (Please note : I’m not a BJP supporter, it’s just that all these extraordinarily dull-witted remarks came from someone affiliated to the INC), he said that the Uri attacks could’ve been foreseen by our intelligence, he questioned where our Prime Minister was. I replied to him, I just had the urge to do so, I asked if we actually needed to politicise the act of cowardice that took place on our soil? He very swiftly replied that we do. Why? I asked. He replied with nothing. Eventually, after an hour, he wrote that he doesn’t tweet for likes, which is something I could not comprehend, maybe I’m too dull. All I question is, why do we have to put our political aspirations over our nation? Is this the only way to get people talking? Is this like a cry for help from a little boy to his mother? Is this really what we require at this stage?

Once again, this is a personal piece, I only say this because I have felt it. I am astonished by the one-track mind of our politicians. All you guys care about are your votes, your elections, your community, your party, your alliances, you have all forgotten the bigger picture. Stop trying to exploit things which are of national security, stop trying to outdo one another, stop trying to belittle everything that our Defence wings have done for us, stop being inhuman with your words, stop devaluing our nation like you are doing right now. Stop with the Faustian Bargains. Stop being politicians for once. 


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