Did you see the men dressed like Salman Khan when the fires ran amok? They never had a penchant to stand for things they wanted. Being on the left side of everything has made them accept things, if not, they will just coagulate with their friends like a glue that was left in the sun for too long, losing its adhesive quality. Did you see them getting kicked when they were already down? Did you see them?

Did you see the girls dressed like Aishwarya Rai when the world was being raided on the strength of a baton? They never had a want to stand for something that would be invigoratingly cathartic, all they ever wanted was a bouquet strung together by the love that they had always dreamt of or had enacted in movies and in the “candid” pictures. Did you see them being pulled by the hair on to the ground? Did you see them at all?

Did you see them when anything mattered, did they fight for the truth that comfortably lay outside their comfort zones? Did they run in a frenzy when everything we knew later came out to be false? Did they run around with the same zest that they have when they think that the eyes of various cameras are following them? Did you see them?

Did you see them living vicariously through the eyes of the news reporter on India’s number one channel? Did you see them pretending that everything that left their mouths was everything that was true? Yes.

But, did you see them when we were rotting at the very core of our humanity? Were they around? Were they hiding in holes, or were they just not brave enough? Did they pull out their eyes, or did they just light an incense? Did they do things that demanded a change, or did they use their pedestals to spark another cheap controversy?

Did you see them?

You did, you saw them doing things that didn’t matter and never will.


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