The Now

The most disheartening sight to see is a person being careful, that’s when all the commotion starts. People are living too carefully these days, spending more time on pondering upon what they should do after five years, we’re all forgetting about the greater aspect of life – the now.

Sitting cautiously awake at night, panning out our futures like we’ve been given a map and we are planning our next trip (I know maps are outdated). Contemplating life to such an extent that we have forgotten the true essence of it. It’s not about the nights where we lay awake questioning everything we’ve ever done, the need at this moment is for us to start being reckless and carefree. We need to stop worrying about the future and dive into the endless river of the present, it will eventually slither its way to the future that we were here for in the first place (if you believe that something did put you here).

Recklessness starts when one starts enjoying themselves, they admire their allure, however broken it may be. That is when we’ll get to the absurd, as Camus put it, with less regrets. “The point is that there is no point” is a sentence which in such generic language defines everything we need to know. We’re all racing for nothing, while we’re also eventually being thrown into the nothing.

The question that arises here is this – would you want to blow out your candles with nothing or would you be doing that with a smile if you have procured something. The difference between these two words seems minimal, but is in fact, vast. “Something is better than nothing” is what we have been told by the scholars, but it’s not propagated much in our daily doses of the “Life Hack” quotes on Facebook.

Reiterating my point, life is not about being careful, it’s about enjoying, strike that, it’s about cherishing every single moment. As happy and easy as it may sound, the pathos of it is exponentially hard to overcome. 


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