I’m asleep by the ocean, it comes and goes like a slithering reptile, always looking to swallow more and more, wants constantly increasing, looking to drown everything in it’s way without remorse. We are all carrying our day out in baskets, until eventually it all falls through and meets the rubble on the ground, where it belongs.

I’m asleep by the ocean, waiting for it to take a huge, last gulp. Leading everything into an abyss – of creators and creators who couldn’t create anything apart from us. I want to be with them, the walls scarred with words that eat your insides a day at a time. I long to be with them. I want to be there where we’ll all go for a morning walk – on water.

I’m asleep by the ocean, waiting for it to call out my name, I feel it breathing on my neck, taking short blankets of breaths, covering my neck and drowning the butterflies in my stomach. I’m not nervous anymore, I’m intrigued, intrigued to find what it holds inside. 

And finally…

I reveal myself…

Reveal myself to a clamour.

I’m awake inside the ocean, letting go of my spite and their hand-crafted plight. I will never have to sleep again. I start scribbling on the walls to everyone’s please. The clamour that I revealed myself to, turns into a daze that bars them from seeing what they saw, now they see what I see, what I want them to see. The world is in my palms, I’m squeezing harder than before, and when it tries to escape my grasp, I punch with enough might to break apart any other ties that it had, cancelling their idea of a future as well.

I’m awake…


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