Subjective Thoughts

We are all reduced to pawns in this bizarre theatre, a spotlight is following us all, no matter where we go, we are under constant scrutiny. The fact that every action of ours is seen with a microscopic vision has led us to act in a way that we think is acceptable. Acceptance is the new plague of our generation, along with the want to being famous and rich. The Black Plague had killed several million people in the 14th century, however, this plague is much more devastating, it is slowly killing us, killing our sense of existence, hollowing us from the inside like a turkey. Our souls are merely words now, we speak about it when we’re drunk, never feeding it.

The sound of acquiescence is the only sound that is deemed important now, it’s all about winning, every day is a fight, every fight is a battle and every battle is now seen as war. We need to win to propagate our thoughts, it’s not about reciprocation any more. It’s like a video-game rather than a theatre, the bureaucrats took all the money that was supposed to be donated to our actors and donated it to create a demented video-game. The more games you’ve won, the higher your level is. While, they sit in their ivory towers and drink towards our obsequious ways.

At a time like this, the only hope that is accessible is iff we stick together. We are busy claiming how many battles we have won when we should be growing together. You call your old friends up and say that they’ve changed, your question should be, why you haven’t? Maybe it’s because you were too busy playing the game, while your friends were too busy knowing themselves.

I understand that a lot of people question everything that is written, it’s completely understandable, everything these days is subjective, “to each it’s own” is a popular saying. I would just like to end this by saying, if you think you’re not part of the game, you’re out of lives, already.


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