The Indian Philosophy

The Indian philosophy is quite surprisingly bitter and strange, you are supposed to face problems in order to attain the crown. Your job is supposed to make you feel like quitting everyday, and if you even think of quitting, you have a habit of having it served on a platter. It might be that during the Neolithic period people were born with silver spoons, but they forgot the basic principle of Chemistry, silver does tarnish. Maybe, the spoon that we were given was not held dearly, maybe, it was kept under running water for long durations, and along with the water shortage that it caused, the silver also tarnished. The point of the fact is, we are supposed to persevere because that’s what makes you a metaphorical man, you cannot be a spoilt mama’s boy, can you?

Life as we know it, is something that is supposed to be unsweet in our eyes and it seems completely natural. You’re supposed to be unhappy and long for more, it is true that when we’re on top of mountains, we wish to explore the deepest seas. It is human nature, or just the way we are programmed. We are born and given a guide to live our lives by. Now, it doesn’t hold the secrets of life, it just holds the societal ways of what a normal life should be, just ideas, nothing more. You buy a dog just to click its pictures, you try to have your dog model for you because that’s what the book read. Instructions are necessary, but, now we’re just losing the main ingredients, we have forgotten how and what the broth should taste like, we are forgetting about the end result, the taste will eventually land you in a hospital bed, praying to be given another opportunity at life. You want another chance because you wish to do things differently the second time. You’re not supposed to be unhappy after spending your life trying to build an imaginary bed of money that you can fall back on. It is trivial to think about, we all know how materialism is the worst kind of sin (put it in the book) yet, at the end of the day we are all running to build a Taj Mahal so that we can put another void in the existing hole.

Imagine a young boy living in the hills, wearing a red sweater and torn jeans, no school and no desks, just the want to be alive. Do you think he would be able to understand what the urban way is? He is happy with just a plate full of food and a stick to run across the torn carpets we have so graciously laid across everywhere. I am yet to find any soul from my immediate surrounding who would actually be willing to live this way, because our instructions aren’t as such. No wonder cloning and building robots has become a feasible proposal now, we are just remaking our own selves. We are programmed to be filled with ecstasy during Christmas when it’s not even our proposed holiday. (I hold nothing against Christmas, I like you, am a sucker for gifts.)

I believe the television and the media plays a huge role in this drastic change for sustenance. All our mouths water when a US based fast food chain opens a joint near our locality, we flock there like fleas, fleas in a hot, dense atmosphere trying to quench our thirst, our palpable thirst for want. We need to have the best new clothes, and certainly the next 10 people would also buy the same thing, thus, creating a beautiful symphonic experience created by the sound of whines. This cycle of wanting things has given rise to the fact that we are supposed to be feeling unsatisfied with how our lives are panning out.

I guess, it’s neither the previous generation’s fault nor ours, they were given the same book that we have inherited, they just had the old testament, so it is much more crass and unapologetic. Summarising my rather meandering thoughts, it is not okay to feel like quitting your job, it is man-made and no man would ever demean its creation. It is fine if you want the sea after climbing the mountain, the thing you should long for is the sea if that’s what you think will not make you long for something else. If it does, you can always jump into the river of lava.

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