Poison Spread your poison slowly on the ground Thin lines which can be snorted Your perjury has a soft sound With all these certificates you’ve gathered Give a broken hymn to this deadbeat town Silver lights for sewer minds And for fewer eyes You’re like an ugly hand of time Spread your disease and call […]


Did you see the men dressed like Salman Khan when the fires ran amok? They never had a penchant to stand for things they wanted. Being on the left side of everything has made them accept things, if not, they will just coagulate with their friends like a glue that was left in the sun for […]


Living a normal, bourgeois life, being unaffected by whatever’s happening, kids like us dying, bleeding, screaming out for someone to help them, kids like us, in their early twenties dying from a bullet wound. Has this all become a staple everyday news headline that the thought of it doesn’t make our blood boil? Was it […]

The Now

The most disheartening sight to see is a person being careful, that’s when all the commotion starts. People are living too carefully these days, spending more time on pondering upon what they should do after five years, we’re all forgetting about the greater aspect of life – the now. Sitting cautiously awake at night, panning […]


I’m asleep by the ocean, it comes and goes like a slithering reptile, always looking to swallow more and more, wants constantly increasing, looking to drown everything in it’s way without remorse. We are all carrying our day out in baskets, until eventually it all falls through and meets the rubble on the ground, where […]